The oldest winery in Portugal, is José Maria da Fonseca, which is in Setubal. I went there to know and understand more about the history and production of the most famous wines.

José Maria da Fonseca, was a visionary and through his intellectual background and entrepreneurial spirit led innovation for the wine industry by being the first to market wines in bottles. In addition to amending, also, Moscatel manufacturing method of Setúbal.

In 1849, José Maria da Fonseca created the brand Moscatel. E Kids 1955 this wine won the gold medal at the Paris Universal Exhibition. And today, It is an international reference.

One of the most famous Portuguese wines is José Maria da Fonseca, O periquita which was established in 1850 and won Gold Medals in Portuguese wine exhibition in Berlin and Universal Exposition in Barcelona, with the harvest 1885.

In 1857, o Rei D. Pedro V gives Order of the Tower and Sword Value, Loyalty and Merit to "vinárias premises of Mr. Fonseca in recognition of his modernity, cleanliness and efficiency”

After other wines were released as: Rosé Wine Lancers, Bshe, High lands, Hexagon, Twin Vines, Superior periquita,

And since its inception the wines of José Maria da Fonseca stand out among the Portuguese wines and win several awards.

E José Maria da Fonseca It has a connection with the Brazil. Between 1920 e 1935, Brazil became the main destination of the wines of José Maria da Fonseca, where it was exported more than one million bottles per year.

I got to know the winery with Caio and Pedro, creators Portugal Outside the, specialized in custom tours by Portugal, who invited to meet one of his tours. I recommend that if you come to Portugal, take a tour with them. To know more, click on here.

The guided tour begins through the cellar entrance hall where are photos and awards certificates of José Maria da Fonseca. this room, also, It has the first machines that were used to make wine bottles and the first exposed in a showcase.

The first room we visited, It is the cellar makes Travel, where are stored wine barrels Muscat Makes Travel.

José Maria da Fonseca realized that the wines traveling to other continents of sailboats and the not sold, regressevam to Portugal and get here the wines were better, more refined.

The quality of the wine suffered changes due to different temperatures at which they were subjected during the journey. Some of these wines now have the name Muscat Makes Travel.

In 2000 e 2007, some barrels of Makes Travel were placed on ships and taken to Brazil, USA and then back to Portugal. The barrels that have not are called Witnesses, to make the difference between the witnesses e os makes Travel.

After we left the house and go to the garden, which are on display models of vineyards with different grape varieties.

The most interesting is that around the vineyards are planted roses and lavenders: As Rosas They are sensitive flowers and take the first diseases, giving time to treat the disease before it attacks the vines. And the Lavender, because they are very fragrant and attract mosquitoes, preventing the insects from getting in vineyards.

The second cellar, was the Forest Winery, which is the Wine Cellar Periquita. The old wine served more in the Portuguese table.

This winery has a capacity of 800.000 liters of wine, that they are distributed in 36 mahogany barrels.

The winery is the teceira Cellar of the Old Looms, where are the barrels of Muscat. This winery has a capacity of 400.000 liters Muscat are gathered and 3 types of Muscat: Setubal Purple, Setúbal Superior, Muscat Setúbal.

After seeing the cellars, the hour of tasting. On my visit I had the right to taste two wines: Moscatel and Periquita Superior.

The visit lasts on average 50 minutes and has a value of 10 €, entitled the guided tour and tasting of two wines. The reservation must be made in advance.

I hope you have liked to know more about the origin of one of the most famous wines of Portugal and be sure to get to know the winery José Maria da Fonseca.

To the next! 😉


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