You are researching and Portugal are faced with the Niss Nif x x Sef acronyms and wonders what it is? Are public agencies of Portugal.

This is where you will face the bureaucracy in Portugal. Many people have doubts even after already living here.

And I will help you understand that each serving and when you will need to go to these public bodies Portugal.


The Nif is the tax identification number, It is like our CPF in Brazil. Here in Portugal, Nif you need for everything. It is the first document to provide after arriving here.

Without nif, you do not open bank account, not rent an apartment, You can not hire the internet service.

All that is treated in relation to Nif is the Finance store or site Finance Portal.

To make your Nif one has to drive to a store finance person and present your passport, proof of address in Brazil and have a Portuguese representative.

This representative is for the Finance has someone who resides permanently in Portugal until you complete 6 months living in the country and then yes you can remove the representative of your tax number and become yourself.

Be representative does not make the person responsible for its accounts, taxes and also not be your guarantor. It is merely a charge that will receive the letters sent by the Finance for you.

IS, also, by Nif you make every year the income tax in Portugal (IRS), which is mandatory, regardless of the amount you receive annually.

Nif do has a cost of 10,20 €.


The Niss is the social security number, is the number of PIS we have in Brazil.

Just as in Brazil, every month are deducted from the salary figures for the Social Security fund, that can be used for retirement, maternity / paternity leave, sick leave or unemployment, for example.

To make the NISS you must have a work contract. The company that you hire is responsible for contacting Social Security and request your number.

If you do not have a contract and is a self-employed, you can address the Social Security and request the Niss. This requires taking the evidence that has activity to open self-employed in Finance.

Many companies only hire people who already have the number of NISS. So some people make the request as an independent worker, so that later may have the number and apply for better jobs.

After being ordered, will arrive at the address you enter in the Social Security, two letters. One with your Niss number and with your password to access the site Direct Social Security.

In this site all contributions, everything related to SS (Social Security) will be recorded.


The Sef is the Frontier Foreign Service, is where all situations and bureaucracies on legalization in Portugal is resolved. It is the body that controls the entry of foreigners in the country.

You just go to Sef by appointment, is marked by phone or online order placed on the website of sef.

Once you have an employment contract in Portugal or have come to the country with some type of visa is the SEF you need to go to address the card is your identity in Portugal: the residence card.

Soon I will make a post explaining the step by step to request your card.

And you know what type of visa to come and live legally in Portugal, click on here, we have a full post!

If you have got any questions about it, I realized here in the comments, I will definitely try to help you.

Until next 😉


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