How do I know that a good Brazilian value to good drumstick truth, I want to present you the Coxinharia. The first restaurant dedicated to the drumsticks in Lisbon.

In addition to traditional drumstick, are several different flavors to try: vegan, fit, cheese, croquete, cod and even shrimp. Your request is accompanied by sauces that increase even more the flavor.

To accompany these delights, I asked caipirinha and it was by far one of the best I ever made.

But if you do not like drumstick, Do not worry. in Coxinharia, also has other options. It Menu for lunch, wraps and salads.

The Coxinharia is in Alcantara, in R. Cascais 31A, right next to the Pingo Doce. The opening hours are: 12h to 22h, not open on Sundays.

It is worth the experience, I recommend know and then come here to tell me what you think.

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Until next 😉


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