I went to visit some of the Schist Villages around Góis. The Schist Villages project was made to encourage tourism in the Villages and in the central region of the country, which is where they are located.

Are 27 the Schist Villages, divided between Serra do Lousã and Açor. I've been in 6 of these villages and I managed to define in a word my feeling during this tour: AMAZING!

But what is shale? Are the stones used in the construction of houses and even to pave the streets.

Village of Comareira

The Village Comareira it was the first one I visited. This is the smallest of all the villages that are part of the circuit of Villages of Góis, along with Aigra Nova, Aigra Velha and Pena.

In Aldeia de Comareira there are few houses built, is known for being one of the villages that receives the most sun and has domestic cattle and plantations cared for by the residents of the Village.

It is a very inviting village to sit and admire the landscape that exists around.

Aigra Nova

The Village of Aigra Nova has three streets, mild climate and agricultural practice and pastures. In this village there are vegetable gardens, cattle, donkeys.

It is in Aigra Nova that the museum of Schist Traditions Eco-Museum and its various Nuclei. The Museum was created to encourage the culture and traditions of the villages and the Serra de Lousã. Incredible journey through the human and environmental part of the Serra da Lousã and the experiences and traditions of these villages. To know more, click on here.

Aigra Velha

Aigra Velha is the village at the highest point of the Serra, a 770 meters of altitude. That's where I saw a little bit of rural life, had a father and son working with firewood, cattle and cats everywhere.

The resident of the village was very nice, commented some curiosity and that it even snowed in Aigra Velha many years ago. The houses are interconnected to protect against intruders and invasions by wolves.

And it was one of the villages I most enjoyed visiting.


Pena Village is one of the largest of the Schist Villages and the most remote, also. In this village the houses are newer, well looked after, they even seem to have been renovated to be more modern.

The village is surrounded by mountains, on one side of the to see the Penedos de Góis, over a thousand meters of altitude.


The Village of Candal is one of the most accessible villages, is right next to the Serra do Lousã road. It is one of the most structured Schist Villages.

Beyond the Schist Villages Shop, there is a small cafe, many houses and a river running through the village: Ribeira do Candal.

You can see the water mill, the Oil Mill and the Dam, these are some of the points of interest of the village.


A Village of Cerdeira is the one that looks like it was planned, the architecture, the alleys, alleys and even a natural pool that forms through the fall of the river, make the village more charming.

In the village there are restaurants, cafés, an environment that invites you to stay and enjoy more.

Projects were created to encourage art and creativity in the Village: House of Arts, workshops, library, gallery, community oven and Videira coffee. Activities such as training workshops and small creative experiences are held in these locations..

Now let's go to some curiosities:

The roads are very dangerous, full of curves and cliffs, some paths only passed one car at a time. Drive very carefully and carefully;

In the Villages the internet doesn't work very well, so if you need gps, it is better to download the offline map;

In some villages there is no restaurant, cafe or public toilet. So prepare your snack and your water. (Or when you have a restaurant, has no options or was closed);

And it sells a lot, take a coat to protect yourself. Notice where to go, the look is breathtaking, you can see several springs among the mountains;

You don't have to pay anything to enter the villages. Talk to locals, are full of stories to tell.

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