I want to introduce you to the Aprazível restaurant. Every Brazilian worth his salt, looking for a good Brazilian feijoada to kill homesickness, and in Aprazível you can find, every Sunday.

The Pleasant is located right in the heart of Lisbon, Chiado, Garret in the courtyard gallery, right next to the Chiado Warehouses. Which just makes it even easier for those who are walking around Lisbon, make a stop by and have a good time, with good food.

Entering the gallery, soon Aprazível is identified, the restaurant is the first to direct. And it has a terrace (love terraces), it was right there that I stayed.

The Chef came to greet me and present the feijoada menu. Besides being very attentive and friendly, the food smelled wonderful and won me over right away.

One of the things I liked most is that the buffet was not only made up of the traditional feijoada, which is the feijoada itself, accompanied by rice and manioc flour, for example.

O aprazível feijoada menu it's composed by:

Tickets: cheese bread, Bean soup, chicken drumstick, sausage and cassava.

Accompaniments: White rice, mining cabbage, orange, Milanese banana, grilled pineapple, crumbs, banana moqueca da terra, corncob, salada niçoise, couscous salad.

Dessert and drinks are paid for part of the menu.

But then, why does this menu so delicious?

The menu is € 18.50 for adults and € 9.50 for children between 7 e 12 years.

I experienced a little of everything you have in the menu and loved. It was a lunch where I felt a mining kitchen, the food seemed to have been made in a wood stove. I've already made my mouth water, just writing this post.

And as Brazilians, also, love good music, in Aprazível there is live music to complete the Sunday lunch even more.

Set aside a Sunday to get to know Aprazível and its feijoada, sure you will like it very much. And be sure to stop by to tell us about your experience.

To learn more about Aprazível, the menu and opening hours, click on here.


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