Since I arrived in Portugal, I'm looking for a place where I feel comfortable and happy to try a real barbecue. And I didn’t believe it when I found all this at the Gaucho Stove.

A beautiful restaurant, that excels in quality and a welcoming environment. The chain already has three restaurants around the city: Loaded, Carnaxide and Alverca.

The Gaucho stove is a project by Saulo Cardoso, Brazilian who for years assumed the functions of executive chef of the Doca de Santo group, and Portuguese Artur Silva.

"In 2017, we decided to open a rotating restaurant in Carregado that would serve as a laboratory for a different concept from what was in Lisbon or even in Portugal ”, reveals.

The restaurant's decor is inspired by traditional gaucho dwellings and puts pine wood in the spotlight.

I went to lunch at Fogão Gaúcho de Carnaxadi and was surprised by the restaurant with many customers, a very pleasant smell of food, great service and organization at the buffet table. Beyond, of course the food is very tasty.

The caster is available in three ways: Traditional, in 12 moments, with premium parts. Mini Caster, that are 6 moments and the Picanha Caster. And among the meats, the Gaucho Stove offers from Picanha, Termite, Rib, Maminha and even Boar.

The restaurant buffet is a case in point. I loved the organization of the food,which is arranged inside Rechaud pans, and has a very attractive look.

Among the starter options is cheese bread, chicken drumsticks (I don't even need to say how much I loved the coxinhas?!) and rib croquettes, Milanese banana, fried manioc and farofa, various types of salads, hot dishes, cheeses, fruit and desserts.

I participated in the tractional rotation that includes the rotation, a drink, the buffet and the dessert. And all this for € 17.50.

I found the value well into account for everything that the Gaucho Stove offers, from personalized service to delicious food. I ate a lot and I was very pleased to find a restaurant the way I always expected.

It is certainly worth organizing lunch or group dinners, celebrations with a real barbecue.

Tell me here when you know the Gaucho Stove and what you found, combined?

To the next! 😉


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