I was invited to a personalized tour with the staff of Portugal Aside, and one of the places I met was the Fort of São Filipe. And I need to tell you if you do not know the work of Portugal Aside, click on here and already know.

The Fort St. Philip or Castle of St. Philip, It is a national monument in 1933 and is in Setubal. From there you can see one of the most beautiful views of the Sado River estuary and Troia Peninsula.

The Fort St. Philip was built during the Spanish occupation, beginning on 1582, in the reign of Philip I. It was inspired by the Castle of San Telmo, which is in Naples, Italy.

The fort was built in order to strengthen the defense of Setúbal against piracy, since from the reign of D. Afonso IV, around 1350, the construction of the first city's defenses.

With the restoration of independence, in 1640, D. John IV sends extend defenses and their adaptation to the artillery use. In the nineteenth century a fire destroyed the home of command.

In the twentieth century, the Directorate General for National Buildings and Monuments, did restoration work and the fort was adapted to function as hostel, It is included in the program of the Pousadas de Portugal. It opened to the public in 1965.

With suspended activity since 2014, due to instability of the slope, Pousada de Setúbal will be recovered and double your capacity.

In the hostel runs a coffee, and you can scroll through the fort and enjoy the view and also visit the Chapel of S. Filipe, fully lined with blue and white tiles and statues of St. Philip's life, signed by the tiler Policarpo de Oliveira Bernardes, in 1736.

Takes advantage of this wonderful summer to give one back for Setubal and know more of the city that is known for its wines and typical dishes of cuttlefish.

Want to know more about where I was with Portugal Aside? Click on here.

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