Mami Organic Food is a restaurant that proves that healthy and organic food can also be very good!

I was invited to take a tour of the restaurant before lunch and I was surprised at how they are so concerned with people's health and prepare the best menu so that the organic concept does not scare customers.

On the facade at the entrance of the restaurant there is a glass where you can see everything that happens in the kitchen. I found it very interesting and everything is very organized.

Mami has meat menus, fish and vegetarians. In addition to a cafeteria and bakery with services that includes breakfast and snacks.

Everything at Mami is organic: from cleaning materials, passing through all the goods, products, raw material, as well as flours and ingredients for all prepared dishes.

And Mami doesn't get soda! I loved it, since I cut soda from my food since the beginning of the year!

As an alternative to soda, Mami serves several types of caipirinha that leave nothing to be desired. I took the pomegranate caipirinha and I just wanted more!

From the Wellcome Drink to the Lounge Bar, 100% organic. The cellar has the largest number of references of national organic wine and 10 foreigners.

I was at Mami on a Saturday, when is the day of the famous Feijoada. Of course, that's what I experienced. I never run away from good typical food! The feijoada menu has a value of 15 €.

E inclusive, they also offer vegan feijoada. Just ask the staff on the day that you are informed about everything.

My husband and a friend wanted to try dishes different from mine. And I was assured that it was very good and the meat was juicy.

The dessert was a love affair, the sweets were made to measure and were not nauseating.

And just writing this text, I'm already feeling like going back and eating more!

I stayed on the terrace of the restaurant and I could enjoy the sound of the band Brasil Sound, it was the first time i enjoyed live music in a restaurant.

The chosen repertoire was very good and the music was really ambient, I didn't have to scream to talk to the people who were with me.

O Mami Organic Food is located in Picoas Plaza, Rua Tomás Ribeiro, 65, Picoas. Opening hours: Seg-Sab 09.00-23.00.

I imagine that for those on a diet or for those who adopt the Vegan lifestyle, will be very surprised by Mami Organic Food.

And if you go there, be sure to stop by later and tell me how it was there, combined?

To the next! 😉


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