Chiado is the center of Lisbon, is where the main tourist traffic of the city is concentrated and where everything happens.

The architecture is the sec. XVIII and had to be rebuilt after the earthquake 1755. And if you love squares, Statues and viewpoints here have several for you to lose.

We have around there are many historical sites, hotels, restaurants, trades and transportation as the metro, buses and electric. Until the Brazilian Consulate It is this neighborhood.

It is the central area to go all around Lisbon. The meter that is in the Chiado is the Baixa Chiado station covering the green and blue lines.

And going, about uns 5 a 10 minutes, We arrived at Rossio, which also has the green metro line and the Train Station, where you leave the train to Sintra.

I recommend you start your ride in Largo do Chiado. When leaving the metro is guided by the plates with street name and logo next to the exit you already located.

To the right of the meter, before starting to walk down the street, is Café “The Brazilian”, where you can take a break for coffee and take pictures with the statue of Fernando Pessoa, which is in front of the restaurant.

The poet was a regular visitor of the coffee and his statue is the sitting at the table on the terrace.

Up the street we have left, the Largo do Chiado the junction with Rua António Maria Cardoso, where is the Brazilian Consulate.

At the corner of this street we have the famous Hermes store, one of the unique brands of High Sewing World.

Continuing your way, We find the Luis de Camoes Square, one of my favorites, even the history that it represents.

In the center of the square is located the Luis de Camoes statue, poet author of the work “the Lusiads”.

His statue stands on top of the monument at the foot of the monument is surrounded by 8 statues representing other literary personalities: Jonathan Lopes, Pedro Nunes, Barros, Jerome Court and Francisco Sá de Menezes, among others.

The sidewalk around the monument is made of tiles that form mermaids and ships, a vessel fit to 200 people, used in large road trips to the sec. XV.


The square was inaugurated in 1867 and is the oldest monument in Lisbon. From the square starts the Bairro Alto, which is where the main focus discos in town.

The place is so busy that deserves a post just for him. Wait!

Returning the Largo Camões, We can go down the street Garret, this street are located traditional shops and eateries stores: from the bookstore or the oldest trade of luxury jewelry stores to clothing.

Just down the street we have warehouses Mall Chiado. A historic building 1279, which had to be rebuilt in 1998, Chiado after the fire.

The Garret Street is the junction with Rua do Carmo, where is located the Santa Justa Elevator and the Carmo Convent, that are part of the sights you should not miss a visit to Lisbon.

Down the street are stores like H&M, Zara, Shops with souvenirs of Lisbon to take friends, Burguer King, Inglot, and many others.

Nearing the end of the street, we have the Rossio and all the Baixa, that also present in other post, after all there are many things to show.

These are only some of the main points of Chiado, I gradually showing more for you know. I hope you enjoyed!

To the next! 😉


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  • Avatar
    Raquel Andrade
    August 23, 2018 - 1:42 pm

    adoreiiii!!! I felt walking the streets of Lisbon!!

    • Jessica Lopes
      Jessica Lopes
      August 23, 2018 - 11:28 pm

      The intention is that really, you feel here!

  • Avatar
    August 23, 2018 - 2:28 pm

    great post!
    The wheezing is my favorite neighborhood so far, but I know I need to see many other. Lisbon is a charm in every corner

    • Jessica Lopes
      Jessica Lopes
      August 23, 2018 - 11:28 pm

      It was the first neighborhood I met when I arrived and was immediately love.

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