In my trip to Madrid, I met some great restaurants, of course, I could not fail to indicate the best places to eat in Madrid.

I loved every restaurant I spent there, but we had three that won me over. Preparations for the Top 3?

Top 1 – dogma Restaurant

O Dogma, It is close to the Santiago Bernabeu stadium, so we did not have doubts to stop by and sample some great food.

The proposed Dogma is to offer customers the opportunity to eat in an informal way a letter more carefully and executive. The service is excellent and the music environment, also, I was very good!

I asked the recommendation of the Chef and really enjoyed all indications.

The entry was Smoked Salmon with cream cheese and toasted, main dish, an Cod tasting and Entrecote La Parrila. Already dessert, was even better, an Soufle chocolate and coconut cream Brulée with blackberry ice cream.

Think of a delicious food! Thought? it was this! I highly recommend it!

For more information, click on here.

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Top 2 – the Muns

A Las Muns fica na Santa Engracia, and is a network of empanadas. And since the preparation of the trip I see say that the empanadas are famous for there.

The proposal of Las Muns is to deconstruct and rebuild the empandas with different shapes and colors, plus fillings that blend flavors, as: Ham and cheese, Tomato and Basil, Chicken Curry, Caremelizada onion and closing with a flourish this list, a Chocolate Pie. I loved it all.

E Las Muns, also, It has empanadas option for those who are vegetarian. not all are brands that think the public veggie, So, The congratulations for Muns!

For more information, click on here.

Top 3 – Method Method

If you are looking for an ideal place where to eat tapas in Madrid, this place is the Tapa Tapa – Bar Tapas. There are several restaurants of this network for the city, I ate at one that is on Calle del Arenal, next to Plaza Mayor, Puerta Del Sol and the statue of the bear.

The Tapa Tapa menu is great and has several options, in addition to an affordable price. The restaurant has a lovely decor, but I preferred to stay on the terrace, I had live music and it was very nice.

For more information, click on here.

See my script for the city of Madrid. Click on here.

Now that you have options of where to eat in Madrid, add these restaurants to your script, I'm sure you'll like it, much as I enjoyed! And then come back here to tell me what you think, combined?

To the next?


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