If you are planning to move, you need to know what types of visa to live in Portugal, and so, have the option to come legally. There are six types of visa and some of them you should be fit.

To order any of these visas, you should go to the Portuguese Consulate nearest your residence with all the necessary documentation.

1.Study Visa

You can choose to do the entire course in Portugal, or just exchange. To apply for this visa you must prove enrollment held in a Portuguese college.

For those who will stay less than a year in Portugal, The data is seen Temporary stay, that lasts 4 months and you make the visa renewal, even in Portugal.

If your course is for more than one year, you ask for the Residence Visa.

Application for such visa has a cost of R $ 460,00. And the deadline for visa delivery is on average 30 days.

To apply for this visa you must submit the following documents:

  • Application in own model (form provided by the Consular Section in the case of national visas);
  • acceptance letter of the Portuguese College;
  • passport valid for more than 3 months after visa validity;
  • If you are married, present a simple photocopy of the marriage certificate;
  • If you have children (which will also apply for a visa), must submit photocopies of their respective birth certificates;
  • For the visa application under the age of 18 years (subject to parental exercise or disability), the authorization must be presented;
  • Present hotel reservations and travel with their scales. Do not buy airline tickets without a visa authorized.
  • Proof of livelihood (stock receipt or Income Statement of parents or guardians); To minors or incapacitated, authorized person exercising parental authority or guardianship.

2. Work visa

Usually, one person can even work visa in Brazil when their profession is considered highly qualified. And why that?

For a Portuguese company to hire a foreign, It must have not found a Portuguese with capacity for work.

The company has to disclose the position for at least 30 days and after this period no Portuguese have been hired, then oh yes, the company can hire a Foreign.

The value for the request of visa varies according to each profession, to give the values, click on here.

To apply for this visa you must submit the following documents:

  • work contract, employment contract of promise;
  • Charter Company Invitation;
  • Proof of qualifications or qualifications recognized accompanied by expressions of interest from employer;
  • Statement issued by the Institute of Employment and Training;
  • Proof of that is enabled to practice the profession, when you are in regulated in Portugal (example: diploma)

3. seen entrepreneur

The visa for those who want to start a business in Portugal is the D2. This visa you can still apply in Brazil or Portugal even.

And for this visa you must submit the following documents:

  • income tax return;
  • Bank statements;
  • Passport;
  • Certificate criminal background;
  • Company opening project;
  • Supporting investments in Portugal;

For this type of visa, there are some particularities, as: the first step to getting the authorization to be an entrepreneur is to go to the Portuguese Consulate in Brazil and do the interview in person.

The second step will be after entering in Portugal. When the company was already constituted, you need to go to sef and present some more documents to receive your residence permit card.

The deadline for having completed the request of the visa is on average 60 days. The value of the visa is an average of R $ 460,00 and sef in Portugal, you pay the value of the residence permit card, which is 47.00 €.

4. Golden Visa

This visa is for those who want and can invest a good value in Portugal. An example is for those who purchase a property with a value above 500 a thousand euros.

5. Start Up Visa

This visa was only created in 2018 to encourage those who already have a start up or innovative ideas to come to the country and invest in this project here.

The purpose of this visa is to attract companies that can reach a value of 350 thousand euros in three years or a value greater than 500 thousand euros per year.

For more information, click on here.

6. Given D7

This visa is for retirees. For those who have worked all their lives and now seeks a place to live and have a better quality of life.

The visa is issued for retirees who can prove that receives at least equivalent to the minimum wage in Portugal. Be with retirement income or goods.

All the visa information to live in Portugal and figures quoted here are taken from the site Portuguese Consulate e do VSF.Global.

And if you want more tips on how to come to Portugal, see this post on here.

I hope you enjoyed this post and if they have any questions, may wonder!

If you organize well and check on which of these types of visa to live in Portugal fit their pretensions, so you already arrives in Portugal with all the documents and it is easier to achieve your goals.

To the next! 😉


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