Lisbon is surrounded by palaces and stories, and I know Ajuda National Palace, of course, It can not help but be enchanted by its beauty.

The Ajuda National Palace, is now a magnificent museum and the only visitable palace in Lisbon that still retains, a reliable way, the layout and decor of the rooms at the century's taste. XIX.

Situated at the top of the hill Help, with stunning views over the River Tagus, the Palace includes important collections of decorative arts of the eighteenth and nineteenth: jewelery, tapestry, furniture, glass and ceramics, and painting collections, engraving, sculpture and photography.

O Help Palace It was built after the earthquake 1755. O Rei D. José I refused to live in places that were masonry. It was then constructed from wood to better withstand earthquakes, and it became known as the Palace of Madeira or Real Tent.

But in 1794, It was destroyed by a fire and it was then decided to rebuild a new palace of stone and mortar. A work that took many years to get ready, since the royal family went to Brazil to escape the Napoleonic invasion and the lack of resources.

Rise to the seat D. Luis I, a new stage began, finally getting the true extent of royal palace to be chosen for court official residence. From 1861 works were made indispensable in the building structure to accommodate the new

Born in this palace D princes. Carlos and D. Afonso, It was where they met the Council of State were held cutting ceremonies, great balls and banquets.

In 1910, after being brought to Republic, the royal family was exiled, and ended Palaio. And it was only open to the public as a museum in 1968.

And get ready for when you know the Palace, are two floors with over 40 rooms for visitors. On the ground floor are 24 Superior rooms and floors are 20 island. All of them with equal wealth of history and decor.

The Help Palace plays today the role of being the scene of the protocol state ceremonies. And it is one of the most important decorative arts museums in the country.

To reach the National Palace of Ajuda, you can go by car or transport, buses 729, 732, 742 They stop at the door. To learn more about the Palace, click on here.

See what the thought National Pantheon, a place that preserves the history of the greatest representatives of Portuguese culture.

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