I am a Brazilian who lives in Lisbon and is completely in love with all its colors, culture and the diversity that the city has.
Have 26 years and my hobby is to know as much culture and gastronomy Lisbon. me embark on this!
I created this blog to show that both delights in Lisbon, because everyone wants to live here. Because visitors falls.
And for you who came never breaking the old world, I want you to have the feeling of being really knowing what Lisbon has to offer through our posts and photographs. And dream in one day set foot here.
I hope to spend masterfully all the beauty and grace of this city and you feel the urge to tell us what you think.
We are waiting for your email with tips, suggestions, claims, places we can visit, what you like to see here. The blog tb is your information channel, help us to do the best for you!