The Honorato restaurant network consists of five restaurants in Lisbon, one in Porto and one in Coimbra.

We went with a couple of friends for them to know the Honorato, I come and tell you how was our experience there.

The restaurant is beautiful, It has a very inviting rustic decor, What does the environment is very cozy.

We were in Honorato that is in Telheiras and the service was impeccable. Our clerk had all the patience to take our questions regarding drinks and ended up choosing the Berry Nice.

The proposed Honorato is to deliver a handmade burger, gourmet. We made our requests with great interest and we were very hungry. But then came the flat.

The burger was very dry and the fries were limp and looked like fried in old oil.

I was disappointed to such a beautiful place with a great service, It had everything to be excellent.

I do not know if it was only this weekend or if it's always like, I got the feeling of having eaten better burgers.

The price is not the cheapest, but also, it is not too expensive. I rEASONABLE.

The photos used in this post are all the official site restaurant. Except the menu, it was I who made.

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If you have been to Honorato, tell me what you think? We had the same experience I?

Until next 😉


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    April 9, 2019 - 11:15 pm

    Honorato was in Porto and Lisbon. Ameeeeiiii the Port, good service and delicious burger. In Lisbon it was disappointing. Apparently there must be ups and downs in these stores

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