June took advantage of the holiday to travel and prepared a script 4 days in Madrid for you.

Madrid is the capital of Spain and is the country's largest city and the second largest in the European Union. We know the main sights, we took the bus aimlessly, just to see more of the city.

I went to the city of Toledo, watched the most beautiful sunset, I tried chocolate churros, I had all possible experiences.

I hope you like this script and then tell me what you already know and what you found.

Day 01

I left Lisbon on the 07:50in the morning and arrived at Madrid airport at 9:20h. From the airport to the city center, Caseles or Atocha, takes on average some 40 minutes by bus.

I decided to go by bus so I could see the city. I took the bus 203 and the ticket price is 5 €.

I went straight to Atocha station, where I left my bags in a Locker, since our check-in on airbnb would be at 4 pm. I paid € 3.60 for an average closet, that fit both handbags and a backpack, and still left space.

Atocha station is beautiful, has a garden inside the station in the rest area. It is worth stopping to admire.

Atocha Station

I left Atocha and then yes, it's time to start the day. The first day we took to see the main city, the popular streets. How I stayed 4 days in the city, I made a very calm script.

Gran Via

I took the metro towards Gran Via, to main avenue in Madrid. It is the avenue where the Metrópolis and Rolex buildings are located, where it has one of the largest Primark in the world, where there are several theaters and branded stores.

Every day I went there, before the tours or at the end of the day, so beautiful that the avenue is, so much during the day, how much the night.

I went to several stores, I watched people admiring the street, I like to see the reaction of tourists for the first time in a place. And I loved Primark, there are many more products in Madrid, than in the Lisbon store.

Main Square

Plaza Mayor has three important tourist spots: a Felipe III statue no center gives place, a Bakery House it's the Cuteleiros Arch, is the arch that is at the main entrance of the Plaza, since Plaza Mayor has 9 tickets.

I took the opportunity to have lunch at a restaurant in the Plaza and tried the famous typical Spanish dish, a Paella. And I must confess that I loved it.

I ate at a good restaurant over there and I confess I don't remember the name, and I even thought that being in the Plaza Mayor would be super expensive, but it was not. The plate Seafood Paella was priced at 12 €.

Sun Gate

Puerta Del Sol is a square in the center of Madrid, where are three sights: a Bear and Strawberry Tree Statue, this statue is the symbol of Madrid, O Post Office Clock, is where the new year celebration takes place in Madrid. It's the Zero Kilometer, where Spanish radial roads start.

The Latin

At night we went to visit the La Latina neighborhood, the name of the neighborhood is in honor of the writer Beatriz Galindo, popularly known asThe Latin, one of the most relevant characters of the 15th century.

It's a neighborhood full of theaters and restaurants, lots of lights and full of tourists.

Day 02

On the second day I walked a lot, but I met so many beautiful places, it’s even difficult to choose the preferred one.

Plaza de Cibeles

It is located between Paseo del Prado and Calle Alcalá, the Plaza de Cibeles is beautiful. The highlight is the Source of Cibeles, O Palace of Cibeles it's the Spanish Bank. These last two are buildings with incredible architecture.

Puerta de Alcalá

Puerta de Alcalá has this name because it is located on the road that existed to go to Alcalá de Henares. And it's close to the Retiro Park. It was one of the places I loved the most!

Take the opportunity to have breakfast there, I went to Café Vait, the place is beautiful, well decorated and the sweets were very delicious, of course, with a terrace. I love it!

Santiago Bernabéu Stadium

We went to see the Santiago Bernabéu, but getting there, my husband didn't want to go inside to see inside. According to him, it’s best to see it on match day and we’re going back to Madrid to watch some classic.

From there we went to lunch at Dogma Restaurante, you can see details in the post, where to eat in Madrid, clicking on here.

Royal Palace

The Royal Palace of Madrid is theofficial residence of the Spanish Royal Family. Nowadays, the palace is used for receptions, ceremonies and official acts, since the kings of Spain live in the Zarzuela Palace.

At the Royal Palace there is a changing of the guard, that happensevery Wednesday at 11 in the morning. This time is between October and July.

To enter the palace the value is 11 €.

In the end of the day, already tired of walking, I went back to Gran Via, which is very close to the Royal Palace and I went to see the avenue at night.

I will leave the last two days for the Party 2 of this script, so that the text doesn't get too tiring.

I hope you enjoyed this first part of the script I did for Madrid, it was very good to remember this trip so good and the feeling I got to know these places!

To the next! 😉


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