Travel insurance


We want to help you to organize your trip as best as possible, and we provide here the portals you need. When making reservations here, plus you be helping me keep the Tás View, get discounts by using our discount code. Enjoy and have a great trip!


The Cheap Promo is a promotional site for airline tickets, where you find the best prices and best rates.
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Search for your destination with the dates of your trip and the promo progressive displays you the best prices and which airlines are advantageous.

BOOKING hotels

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The site and the app offers a convenient and easy system for the choice of your accommodation by where.

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Promo Insurance is a portal that allows you to compare plans from different travel insurance companies.

Thus, you ensure the best value and the best coverage for your trip.

The travel insurance is the service that will ensure the safety and tranquility of your trip. For some countries it is mandatory.

It ensures the traveler the required protection in any emergency situation, offering assistance in case of eventualities.

The insured will be covered in various situations such as hospital medical appointments, legal assistance, lost luggage and even canceled flights.

Just click on the icon you will be redirected to the secure page!
There you enter your information and sign up to receive it!


The Get Your Guide is a website that makes it simple and fast to plan the tours of your trip, with tranquility and security.

Tickets disputed palace in Lisbon, Boat tour of the Tagus River or a dinner with fado sound through the streets of Alfama, only if

care to enjoy your holiday.

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